We are now offering commercial catering services from our specialist team of in house catering engineers. Our dedicated team can offer all aspects of work from gas safety certificates and emergency breakdowns to full kitchen fit outs. In an aim to meet all of your needs we have trained and certified our engineers to work with all appliances in COMCAT 1 through 5. This allows us to maintain and install your solid top ranges, deep fat fryers, pressurised water boilers, fish and chip shop ranges, and any catering forced draught appliance.

With the increase presence of HSE in local catering establishments it is becoming an important area that requires our customers to be confident in the engineers they hire. Here at South West Gas Services we offer professional engineers who are highly trained, certified, and knowledgeable in all aspects of the building and gas regulations in catering establishments.

In addition we can offer any electrical catering services through our partner electrical company.

For any enquires or for any additional information please call us on 01278 456876