We run an in house team of engineers specialising and fully certified in all areas of industrial and commercial gas engineering. Although our company is still young our engineers carry many years of experience that were able to take and build into what we believe the standard of commercial gas engineering should be. In building a local manageable department for commercial gas engineering with low running costs we have found we are able to compete with larger competitors at a much lower end cost for our customers, while maintaining the high standard of end product that we strive for. Our free installation consultations and quotations offer us the chance to meet with potential customers and demonstrate our working values from day one. We always hope to grow with any new customers to build a working relationship that can continue into the future. Our engineers are trained and experience with many pipe jointing techniques including pipe threading, traditional soldering, brazing, welding, and press fit. At south West Gas Services we are using Viega Press Fit on an ever-increasing number of commercial installations. We have more information on our Viega page. We provide not only Consultations and Installations. We also provide Servicing, Servicing contracts, maintenance, and reactive breakdown cover for existing and new customers alike. Our Commercial appliance servicing starts from just £70.00 For any Industrial and Commercial services call us on 01278 456876 or submit your enquiry on our website.